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Tom's Story

The Situation

It was during Tom’s fifty-two birthday that he did realize something was not right with his health. He was just ignoring his condition for the past one week. However, after five days, it dawned on him that his condition was persistent and would require medical care immediately.

It was unusual for Tom as his water intake has increased significantly and he was always thirsty. also his food consumption has been increasing from three to five meals per day. Moreover, he is urinating more often than he is used to; however, shrugging this point saying it is because he is taking more water. Little did he know that it was a dangerous symptom?

He started seeking medical help; however, he could be treated for a particular condition today but after finishing his doses and staying for sometimes, he could suffer from unknown condition again. He was on the brink of losing hope, but his longtime friend studying in New York told him to contact Eminent Physicians second opinion service.

Why Tom Choose to seek remote second opinion Service?

He was having determination when seeking medical help and when his friend suggested this, he thought to himself,’ this is the breakthrough I have been longing for’. True to his words, an expert from Eminent Physicians remote second opinion service contacted him within hours after submitting his request.

They are the one who connected Tom with Dr. Joe Miller. Moreover, Dr. Miller requested remote second opinion service for lab tests and to upload Tom’s medical records and send them to him. All the laboratory tests together with doctor’s requirements were done within few hours. Once he received Tom’s records, and he was able to diagnose what was wrong. Additionally, after reviewing his medical data remotely alongside lab tests, he concluded that Tom was suffering from Diabetes Insipidus not the Diabetes Mellitus as diagnosed earlier. Diabetes insipidus characterized by intense thirst, despite the drinking of fluids (polydipsia), and the excretion of large amounts of urine (polyuria). it's the result of body not properly producing, storing or releasing a key hormone known as ADH.


This was not a good news; however, it played a tremendous impact on Tom’s health life. Besides, he has the answers he has been looking for, almost in all hospitals in the country. Moreover, he feels better he has a clue what he is airing from unlike having a condition that has no information attached to it. He got a comprehensive treatment Plan from Dr. Miller and discussed that with his Endocrinologist. He was started on treatment and started feeling better in just two days.

He was glad that Dr. Miller was providing solutions for his condition. You know, you feel like your world is crumbling right in front of your eyes and have a family looking up and do not want to show them, you are losing hope. I am glad Eminent Physicians second opinion service came to my rescue, says Tom.

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