Tervis Health Program

Tervis Health Program helps schools to take care of needs of emergency and preventive health for their students, helping them to make the next generations more informed about good health practices.
With the help of advanced technologies, on one hand, Tervis Health Program connects partnering schools to a centralized hub where a local licensed medical team helps the school team to address to emergency conditions that may come up with some students. And on the other hand, an advanced and automatic Tervis Health Station helps school teams to provide preventive check-ups for their students during these growing period of their life.
Tervis Health Program can also be customized to study the preventive check-up reports and help the centralized medical team to raise alerts for patients and schools about any red flags that may be detected using AI powered program by medical  experts.
Tervis Health Program, presently under introduction in South Asia and Middle East Asia, aims to bring 10 million children on board before 2025 using its innovative technology, cast effective services and country specific collaborations through country partners.

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