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Temp Pro - Automatic Visitor Body Temperature Screening Device

Temp Pro Automatic Visitor Body Temperature Screening Devices are considered to be the best “all-rounder” infrared thermometer in the market because its features outperform the competition, and it comes with a 5-year free replacement warranty that you get with it.
Temp Pro’s screening is not only automatic and quick but also among the most reliable one due to use of swiss made sensors which can measure the temperature accurately from a longer distance. All readings are completed in 0.5 seconds and a single device can handle a heavy inflow of visitors (up 40,000 in one day)
Temp Pro devices come with triple Installation accessories for mounting of this light weight device on a wall permanently, or on hooks temporarily or on a tripod stand for easy movability.
Temp Pro devices are priced affordably and are distributed by exclusive country wise distributors.
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