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Steven's Story

Finding floaters, some peripheral loss of vision and a red eye was no real cause for concern for Steven – he simply believed he had been rubbing his eye too vigorously and it would clear up with some drops or creams.

The optician was not sure what the problem was but did note in a field test there had been some loss of vision in the left eye. Steven was booked in to an Ophthalmology Clinic. It was here in a few seconds that the intraocular pressures of the eye were measured, angle closures diagnosed and a glaucoma condition found.

Steven didn’t like the sound of it but unsure as to how serious the condition was, he calmly asked what the worst case scenario was. The Eye Clinic doctor told him that 20 per cent of the peripheral vision had been lost in the left eye, none so far in the right and the partial lost sight will never return. He was also informed without treatment; visual loss can spread to the point of total blindness.

Steven felt like he had been sledgehammered. He went into work the next day and had a heart to heart with his manager. He told him of the Eminent Physicians second opinion service benefit.

His medical records had been assembled and through an online dashboard, care physicians walked him through the disease and how it must be treated. Eminent Physicians had matched Steven up with one of the leading glaucoma physicians who was able to talk through the benefits of having a trabulectomy.

He was told how a small incision in the eye would be made to release the aqueous humour (water within the eye), which in turn lowers the intraocular pressure and lowers the risk of further optic nerve damage.

Steven had no luck talking to doctors who would send him off to opticians, eye clinics and ophthalmology nurses; he needed someone to help him make an informed decision and the advice he received through the Eminent Physicians Care Network dashboard allowed him to press ahead for a glaucoma operation.

He was informed the invasive surgery would only take around 40 minutes and the only discomfort would be an anesthetic injection to the corner of the eye. The entire surgical procedure was painless and Steven was even wide awake throughout.

“I’m very lucky to have prevented blindness” Steven said. “Having the experts and resources of Eminent Physicians care network services played a huge role in preventing blindness”

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