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Steve' Story

Steve is a 64-year-old retired person, who has severe pain in his legs that started almost 2 years back. He tried painkillers but when the medicines were stopped the pain continued. He was not able to do his daily exercises. Meanwhile he developed psoriasis and arthritis. This started affecting his routine life and exercise regimes. His irritation and pain not only made him disturbed and panicked him, but also made him look around for the best doctors for its cure.

Though he visited a couple of doctors, there was no change in his condition. Doctors whom Steve consulted had the same opinion that Psoriasis is an incurable disease and it can even spread more to his other parts of his body.

However, despite these suggestions, he started to search for the best solution. All he needed to improve his health condition and to control psoriasis, even though it is not curable.

It is at this while; Steve came across Eminent Physicians Online Medical Second Opinion program. He felt this could be a better place where he will get proper treatment for his health issue. Eminent Physicians specialists provide amazing and high quality support to the patients through their second opinions to improve patient’s quality of life. They sincerely attempt to solve every patient health concern in the best possible way.

Steve consulted one of the Eminent Physicians Specialist Dr. Jenkins to know about the effectiveness of the treatment given by his local doctor. Looking at the X-ray and MRI of his feet, he was given the best second opinion by Dr. Jenkins that enabled him to choose the best treatment for his health issue, considering all health factors and his age and also answered several other questions of John regarding his health problem.

With the best treatment proposal, he got from Dr. Jenkins, Steve’s confidence boosted up. When he went back to his doctor, he was able to ask information that is more relevant and get a good diagnosis and treatment options. With current management, Steve now has been able to get back to his hobby of hiking.

In Steve’s words: “I felt that this incurable disease me to hell. But now with true help of Eminent Physicians, my health problem is no more a worry, completely in control”

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