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Eminent Physicians Care Network recognizes that people prefer to receive their health care close to their home. Local hospitals play an appreciable role in addressing to this need. The main goal of the network is to help patients of complex medical conditions benefit from the expertise of Top Ranked American Physicians without needing to travel to other hospitals as much as possible.

The network achieves this goal by developing closer relationships with growing hospitals through formal collaboration and Patient Centric Expertise Sharing Services like

  • 2nd Opinion Std: Use 2nd opinion Standard to get the treatment plan for patients of complex medical conditions reviewed by a Top Ranked American Physician who might work together with you to suggest changes in Treatment Plan, or to use advanced therapies or treatment methods under guidance.

  • 2nd Opinion is provided by the Top ranked American Physician within 5-7 days of receiving the complete documents of treatment plan.

  • Please CONTACT US to receive a sample copy of a 2nd opinion.

  • 2nd Opinion Express : 2nd Opinion XPS addresses to the requirements of patients of complex medical conditions where response time can play a determining role in outcome of the treatment.

  • 2nd Opinion XPS is provided on priority within 2 days of receiving the complete documents of treatment plan.

  • 2nd opinion STAT 2nd Opinion STAT is aimed to provide an expert opinion for the patients facing an emergency conditions

  • 2nd Opinion STT is provided on urgent basis (Generally within 2 hours after receiving the complete documents of the patient condition and the treatment plan). If required, a Video Conferencing consult is provided through the member hospital on optional basis.

  • 2nd opinion BOARD 2nd Opinion BOARD helps member hospitals to consult a Board of Top Ranked American Physicians comprising of different specialities for the patients of complex medical conditions.

  • 2nd opinion Board is provided as per requirement of member hospital on both pre-scheduled and on urgent basis through video conferencing at member hospital.

  • 2nd opinion Express with Video Conferencing EVDO 2nd Opinion EVDO helps both treating physician and the expert physician to share their views and expertise on the patient’s medical condition through video conferencing.

  • 2nd opinion EVDO is provided with in 2-3 days of receipt of complete documents of patient’s medical condition and the treatment plan

  • All these services are made available to member hospital after a careful assessment of their needs and facilities available within the member hospitals. Few services are available in some selected hospitals exclusively. Please see Membership Types for more details.

  • To know how These services can contribute to enhancement of healthcare in your hospital, please CONTACT US or send an email to care@eminentphysicians.com

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