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Positive Air Pressure (PAP) Devices

AHC- PRECISE positive airway pressure (PAP) sleep therapy devices are designed to provide a comfortable sleep experience to patients of Obstructive Sleep Apnea which affects more than 300 million persons worldwide.  

With its huge exposure to OSA patients, AHC experts designed these easy to use devices which provide continuous positive airflow pressure therapy to patients during their sleep.

AHC- PRECISE PAP therapy devices are sleek and come with low-profile designs. These devices are small and light-weight, making these easy to pack for travel.

AHC- PRECISE devices come with advanced features like remote troubleshooting, front or top facing displays, automatic pressure control, auto configuration and easy to share data facilities for the medical teams to ascertain the effectiveness of therapy.

AHC- PRECISE are available worldwide through our exclusive country partners at highly affordable prices, warranty and great features.

To know more about AHC- PRECISE, or to represent AHC- PRECISE as a distributor in your country, please send an email to ibd@eminentphysicians.com