Pelvica Health Program

Pelvica Health Program is first of its kind global program focusing on women health. Pelvica Health program helps Urologists, Gynecologists and Family Physicians to address to growing problem of weakening of pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvica program helps the patients to regain the strength of weakened muscles by exercising at home using advanced devices which help doctors to supervise their progress remotely through precise measurements recorded at a 24X7 advanced health server.

Pelvica Health Program supports its partnering doctors with advanced features to not only supervise the process but also to track the progress and configure it remotely without needing the patient to visit the clinic for exercising.

On one hand , Pelvica Health Program helps patients to exercise at their convenient time and place, on the other hand it helps doctors to address to a large number of patients simultaneously and better outcomes.

Pelvica Health Program is managed by exclusive program country partners who  are trained to provide local support and legal compliances.

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