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Patient Support Organizations

Eminent Physicians supports Patient Support Organizations that include NGO s and Patient associations like Cancer Patient Associations and Heart Patient Associations.

These organizations receive a large number of benefits by joining Eminent Physicians V Care program. The benefits to these organizations include


  • Direct Access to Organized way of obtaining a 2nd opinion from the top ranked American Doctors through Eminent Physicians secure platform making it easy and quick to address to their member needs.

  • Sharing Real care studies of very complex cases with associations which can motivate their members in distress .This is aimed to strengthen the values of association and the hope that makes such patients join these organizations.

  • Active Participation in all Emimemt physicians Prominent Events and activities.

  • Exclusive Discounts for members of partnering Associations world wide.

  • Joint Marketing and Sponsorship of Events of such organizations.

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The Context

Role of patient associations is to guide their members to newer , cheaper, quicker, more effective and more useful treatment methods. These associations can play an important role in guiding their members towards best resources for seeking a 2nd opinion if the members do not find themselves convinced with the outcomes of the treatment plan being provided to them.

The Challenge

To make their bond with their members more meaningful , Patient Associations need to tie up with external resources which can bring in the expertise, experience and the skills for guiding the members about their treatment plans. Finding such resources and a proper working system in a cost effective, timely and responsive manner becomes a challenge that most of patient associations around the world face.

The Solution

Vcare, the dedicated service from Eminent Physicians serves the single point solution to connect these associations with the Top 0.1 % of the American Doctors who can provide a 2nd opinion of such members treatment plans.

Every year Eminent Physicians selects 100 such Patient associations world wide and provides them Access to its working system and training to their staff free of cost. In addition , such associations receive 2nd opinions at heavily subsidized prices for their members as a part of Corporate Social responsibility Program.

To know more about how Eminent Physicians is helping patient associations world wide, please submit your details in the form at the footer of this page. We will contact you quickly.

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