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Eminent Physicians has established multiple avenues to help patients find a suitable way to 2ndopinion from the top ranked doctors in USA.


  • Patients can register at www.2ndopinion.com . 2ndopinion.com helps you select the diagnosis and find list of documents required for 2nd opinion for that diagnosis. You can upload the documents, make payment through secure payment gateway – Quickly, Easily and Accurately.

  • At 2ndopinion.com , you can post your questions, and receive specific answers from these top ranked doctors about your medical condition, Treatment plan, New techniques relevant to your diagnosis and a complete review of your treatment plan – Delivered directly to you.

  • Partnering Hospitals can serve as a follow Up center for many complex diseases which are treated overseas.

  • 2ndopinion is Hipaa Compliant and transactions are 100% secure through third party payment gateway.

Nearby Clinics

  • Patients can find a nearby Clinicsworld member Clinic to complete the process of obtaining a 2nd opinion. A nearby clinic can be very helpful to understand the list of required documents in local language, and completion of the process without hassles. Eminent physicians provides training to Clinicsworld member Clinics across the world to help patients complete the process easily with their help. These clinics also handle Invoicing, Payment collection and explanation of 2nd opinion. Patients can utilize these clinics services for further follow up also.
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The Context

Misdiagnosis , Unwanted surgeries and outdated treatment plans are threatening the outcomes of the treatment that patients are receiving worldwide. This is leading patients to search for other avenues to seek a 2ndopinion particularly if they have been advised for a longer treatment or a major surgery.

The Challenge

Challenges before Patients are the concerns that they face while opting for a 2nd opinion like :

  1.  Where can I seek a 2nd opinion ?

  2.  Who will provide a 2nd opinion ?

  3.  Is the doctor providing 2nd opinion qualified and experienced enough to provide a 2nd opinion for my medical condition ?

  4.  What will be the documents required for seeking a 2nd opinion

  5.  Will my treating doctor accept this 2nd opinion ?

  6.  Can I pay for the 2nd opinion online ?

  7.  How will Follow-up happen if required ?

The Solution

Eminent Physicians 2ndopinion.com provides solutions to all of your concerns regarding obtaining 2nd opinion.Please visit

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