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Munitio Smart Screening Gates

Munitio, the Italian designed smart gates are helping large buildings, shopping malls, government and military establishments, embassies, schools, hospitals, tourist places, prayer centers, marriage halls, cinema halls, food courts etc around the world to automatically screen visitors for Body Temperature, Face Mask Compliance, Sanitizer Dispensing and triple disinfection to stop spread of infections.

Munitio’s advanced Triple Disinfection system ensures killing of harmful pathogen by using on-the-spot Ozone Generation for overhead disinfection, human skin safe UV-C rays disinfection for exposed parts and chlorine disinfection of wearables, complying to WHO guidelines.

Munitio incorporates state of art, engineered in USA, Temp Zone devices which are capable of nonstop screening of up to 60,000 persons in a day and can store the data up to 30,000 faces for recognition with a storage memory capacity of images of up to 1 Million screening events with 99.82 accuracy owing to powerful AI face recognition technology.

With all stainless steel structure, Munitio smart gates are designed to withstand corrosion in extremely humid conditions.

Munitio smart gates are also   appreciated to introduce the wheelchair friendly entry and exit slopes to make the disinfection easier for all types of users.

Munitio smart gates are presently available in UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,
India, South Africa, Philippines and South Korea by booking through exclusive country wise distributors who are trained to provide after sales support locally.


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