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Lisa and Rose's Story

The Situation

Lisa, an eight-year-old child, has both parents are in Military and she has been staying with her grand mother, Rose for last 2 months. One day she came home from school and told her grand mom that she felt pain when urinating and that her urination is frequent. Her grandma let her drink water and Cranberry juice at home in the hope that the signs and symptoms would go away.

The following day, Lisa had fever and pain in the abdomen. Her urine became cloudy, and she was vomiting. Rose immediately, called up Lisa’s pediatrician for a check-up. Initially, Lisa was given medications and was scheduled for a return check-up, after all, the antibiotics were consumed. Later she was sent to a specialist in town who recommended changing the antibiotics.

Lisa’s signs and symptoms weren’t completely resolved despite taking all the medicines. Rose called up her best friend, and she was referred to Eminent Physicians 2nd opinion services.

“Eminent Physician 2nd opinion service provides me with a new perspective, a clearer picture of what is going on. They reviewed the history as well all the diagnostic testing. They recommended an abdominal CT as well some specific bladder related tests. They also asked us to go to a paediatric Urologist. The communication was quick, and my Lisa was scheduled for a new series of laboratory and other diagnostic exams, for her new baseline data.”

Why Seek a Second Opinion?

A sharp clinical eye that the doctors possessed is gained from extensive experience, knowledge and skills. Although medical doctors follow the highest standard of patient care, as mandated by the profession’s ethical protocol, however, just like the rest of us, doctors’ assessment may fall short for many reasons.

“Second opinions either confirm the earlier diagnosis or refute it and have a new diagnosis of the case. The new diagnosis calls for new medical management, which made me uncertain on which methodology to follow. Fortunately, Dr. Reed from one of the top hospitals in the United States explained in his written report what it means to have Lisa’s diagnosis as well put current treatment options. He answered all my questions in detail. This complete process eased my apprehension greatly”

In the case of Lisa, she was diagnosed with hydronephrosis – a condition wherein one kidney becomes swollen due to incomplete urine drainage. Lisa’s grandmother now understood why the initial management was not able to correct her granddaughter’s presenting signs and symptoms.


Understanding Lisa’s case was never easy for grandmom and for the first time, she was able to relax and trust Lisa’s care to the hands of the expert. “I am thankful for the second opinion services for speeding things up. They feel my urgency to seek an immediate resolution to my case”.

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