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Eminent Physicians' Reassure platform helps partnering Insurance Companies to seek a 2nd opinion from the best doctors on the planet for their members in two scenario:

  • Members subscribe a plan specially covering 2nd opinion costs in event of insured person gets a complex medical condition. Such plans can be worked out for Reinsurance by Eminent Physicians world wide eliminating risk exposure for partnering Insurance Companies.

  • During Claim Approval process, a 2ndopinion can help Insurance companies save thousands of dollars per patient while taking care of the effectiveness of the treatment especially in complex medical conditions.

  • Any other customized solutions that mau fit specific requirements of Insurance companies are made available on request.

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The Context

Misdiagnosis, unwanted surgeries and outdated treatment plans affect health of not only the patients but that of the insurance providers also. A recently published news article in a developed country revealed that 44% of surgeries being conducted in that country were unwanted. This brings everyone to think how much of money the health insurance companies would be bleeding dealing with such practices. Solution seems to be a 2nd opinion from an independent source for every approval.

On the other hand, many patients under coverage of health plan fail to seek a 2nd opinion at right stage of treatment only because 2nd opinion is not covered by their health plan.

The Challenge

Insurance companies need to establish a mechanism to connect to the Top ranked Physicians to ascertain the justification of the treatment and its benefits to the patients. Such an exercise should be quick, reliable and cost effective to rule out wrong payouts and to keep patients in good health after the treatment. This is important particularly for the patients of complex medical conditions. Finding such a working system with specialized solutions for Insurance Sector is a challenge for insurance companies leading to massive wrong payouts worth billions of dollars worldwide and an increasing burden due to declining health of the insured patients of complex medical conditions.

The Solution

Reassure, the exclusive platform for insurance sector connects insurance providers to the Top 0.1 % of American Doctors in USA in seamless, responsible and cost effective manner helping them save upto thousands of dollars payout per patient.

Reassure provides complete End-to-End, Customizable and Turnkey solutions for insurance companies that helps them take the right decision for approval of treatments for their patients.

On the other hand, Eminent Physicians works closely with Insurance Companies to offer Special Plans and Add On 's for existing plans on shared revenue basis with 100% reinsurance.

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