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Eminent Physicians American Centers of Excellence in selected prime hospitals in many countries serve as a single point source for receiving 2nd opinion from 1200+ top ranked American Doctors in USA for very complex medical conditions.

With American Center of Excellence within your hospital, the patients and the hospital benefit from several advantages like

  • World's first Systematic and Organized Solution for hospitals for procuring 2nd opinion for the medical conditions that may not find suitable expertise in the country.

  • 2ndopinion can be provided by the hospital as a value added service for the patient on chargeable basis; adding to revenue of the hospital.

  • Partnering Hospitals can serve as a follow-up center for many complex diseases which are treated overseas.

  • Increase in revenue from additional diagnostic requirements of complex medical conditions for 2nd opinion.

  • American Center of Excellence also serves to increase patient’s confidence in the treating hospital as their reliable resource for ultimate treatment and as a support for overseas medical treatment i.e. medical tourism.
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The Context

Most of the hospitals across the world treat upto 95% of their patients successfully. Remaining 5% of the patients , mostly suffering from complex medical conditions require a 2nd opinion from an expert who is well experienced and skillful in treating such complex cases.

The Challenge

The challenge before most hospitals is to find such experienced physicians who can work with the hospital team to guide them on treatment of patients of such complex medical conditions. Working with such highly skilled physicians requires a carefully built organized working system which ensures timely delivery of 2nd opinion to serve the patients satisfactorily.

The Solution

American Center of Excellence within your hospital connects you to the top 0.1 % of the American Physicians who have a vast experience and skills to treat such complex medical conditions successfully. These pre Screened physicians not only review the diagnostic reports and treatment plans but provide suggestions for alternative newer methods of treatment and changes in treatment plan if required.To know, how American Center of Excellence can help your hospital grow its revenue and strengthen its market leadership.

For Patients

  • Single Point Solution for obtaining 2nd opinion within the hospital.
  • Quick and Easy Transfer of Patient Records.
  • Quick and Easy management of further diagnostics reports within the hospitals as required by our experts.

For Hospital Team

  • Enhance your skills by working together on complex medical conditions.
  • Expand your treatment spectrum by treating patients of such complex conditions successfully which were not treated earlier.
  • Get answers to your questions regarding patient’s medical condition.

For Hospital Management

  • Very Low Resources requirement for Set Up of American Center of Excellence within your hospital.
  • Training provided to Hospital Staff by Eminent Physicians.
  • Can be integrated with HMIS for Invoicing, Receipt and Delivery of 2nd opinion.

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