Heart Score Program

Heart Score is an innovative global preventive heart health program that helps general population to understand their heart’s health status through a scientifically calculated score called the Heart Score.

Designed by experts from American Heart Center to educate people about risks of sudden cardiac arrests and to keep their heart healthy, Heart Score Program uses advanced continuous heart rhythm recording devices. These connected devices send their recordings to Heart Score Server.

During Heart Score Program, these devices are attached to a person for 24 hours.During this period, all activities and heart response to such activities is recorded by the device and finally these recordings are studied by experts at American Heart Center who assess the cardiac fatigue, identify the risk factors and rank these.

Accordingly a Heart Score is calculated and a report is given to the patient with advice of experienced cardiologists.

Heart Score is a preventive health program suitable for corporate , government, military workforce along with general population. Heart Score is also used by doctors to study direct and indirect impact of many diseases on heart’s health. Heart Score report helps doctors to align their treatment plans to minimize the adverse effects on heart functioning.

HeartScore Program is managed by program Country Partners in many countries.


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