Haspatal - Advanced Video Consultations Program

Telemedicine has changed the world by helping patients to receive doctor’s advice any time , anywhere. Eminent Physicians; advanced video consultations program Haspatal is aiming to help over 100 Million people by connecting them to experienced doctors through mobile app and receive the care irrespective of their location.

Haspatal program caters to need of its patients, doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacy stores, diagnostic labs, therapy centers, imaging centers and home care agencies through different but intergrated mobile apps which cater to 360 degree needs of the patients.

By making Haspatal Program  simple and free of subscriptions for doctors and patients, we have removed cost barrier and complexity to healthcare access to a great extent. Now any healthcare provider can provide care to their patients outside of the clinical setting.

Haspatal Program is designed by one of the leading cardiologist in USA
Enhancing user experience by making it very simple to use has been the driving principle while developing this advanced platform for the world population under guidance from Amit Kumar MD who is an awarded cardiologist with experience of treating patients worldwide for last over 25 years .Haspatal program’s many s innovative features , for example ,  Patient Check-in and Virtual waiting room help doctors to provide their patients experience a familiar and natural visit.

Haspatal Program is backed by country specific sustainable business models which make the business attract returns which are among highest in the industry and are sustainable for decades.

Currently released in India, through our country partner, Haspatal Program will be introduced in key global markets like GCC, SAARC, MENA, AASIAN and EU,  starting 2021.


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