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Eminent Physicians' special solutions for Governments and Public Healthcare Agencies are aimed to make skills of Top Physicians and Best practices in public Healthcare reach to a larger section of population where these are needed the most.

Eminent Physicians have recently released a new platform Q Care - exclusively to address to needs of Public Healthcare . This has many benefits for Governments in other parts of the world.

The key features of Q Care Include :

  • Q Care makes public healthcare more effective by bringing the best skills, expertise and experience available in USA to Public healthcare in different countries to treat complex cases within their own countries under supervision and advice from experts selected for this purpose.

  • Q Care ensures bridging of skill gaps in public healthcare in partnering countries by providing regular and extensive training to public healthcare workforce in these countries. This helps them follow global standards while working with Top Ranked American Doctors.

  • Q Care solutions support Video Conferencing and discussions among American Experts and Local Experts to work together for better outcome for patients of complex medical conditions.

  • Q Care provides customized solutions for in - high demand skills for Heart, Cancer, Diabetes and Respiratory Diseases at very low cost.

  • Q care Team undertakes training and certification of Public Healthcare workforce as per WHO Standards. Examinations for such certifications are conducted by leading American Universities and Healthcare Providers .
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The Context

Hospital pharmacies are a key part of hospital medical care services. An organized, efficient and well managed pharmacy is crucial for the proper operation of the hospital and to provide a better service to the patient. Eminent Physician Pharma focuses on the daily activities of pharmacists and nurses, who are most directly in contact with the pharmacy.

Pharmacists, play an essential role in improving drug dispensing processes and preventing prescribing errors. Nurses, are the ones who are in direct contact with the patients and delivering the medication, so they need as much available time as possible in order to provide the best care to the patients.

The Challenge

Despite the current initiatives and the existence of some software in the hospitals, the majority of the communication processes are still supported by traditional paper, while exchanges and official documents are maintained as hard copies. This introduces a lot of entropy in the process, increases required effort, and augments the chance for human error.

The Solution

Eminent physicians Q Care , the exclusive platform for Public Healthcare Agencies across the world connects such agencies to the Top 0.1 % of the American Physicians who are world renowned for their knowledge , experience and leadership in healthcare to treat such complex medical conditions successfully.

Q Care also serves a reconfirmation tool for such agencies to approve funds for overseas treatments .

For Patients

  • Get 2nd opinion through Public Healthcare Facilities in selected countries.
  • Get treated locally or overseas with the confidence arising out of skills of Top ranked American Physicians.

For Public Healthcare Agencies

  • Quick and Easy way to get connected to Top ranked Doctors in USA.
  • World's first and only global platform aiming to support public healthcare agencies with cost effective 2nd opinions of from Top ranked US Doctors.
  • Customized solutions as per requirements of Public Healthcare Agencies.

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