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Good Sleep Program

Good Sleep Program focuses on helping pulmonologists and sleep clinics to monitor the  large base of patients of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Using advanced technology based CPAP devices that auto submit sleep data on Good Sleep Server, the patients use Good Sleep Program to receive a quick review of their sleep pattern without needing to visit their Pulmonologist. On the other hand Pulmonologists can configure the CPAP devices remotely through an easy user interface specially designed for this purpose.
The growing number of OSA patients has been loading the Pulmonologist clinics with a lot of patients checking in just for review of sleep pattern and reconfiguration of devices.
Good Sleep Program and its CPAP devices are designed , designed in USA by experts from American Heart Center for better outcome of CPAP therapy.

Good sleep program is available through program country partners who are trained by American Heart Center USA to support Pulmonologists and patients in their respective countries.

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