Connected Hearts

Connected Hearts Program

Advanced technology based Connected Heart Program supports Cardiologists, General Physicians and Gynaecologists to identify heart diseases by recording heart beats during the cardiac events and providing the interpretations of such recordings using expertise of an experienced cardiologist led team.

On patient side, Connected Hearts Program captures the recordings using an innovative GSM enabled device that can monitor a patient continuously for 28 days without a battery recharge and send all recordings automatically to a backend team.

Connected Hearts Program, designed by  experts from American Heart Center, Topeka, USA, utilizes a state of art, advanced data server that receives recordings from Connected Hearts Devices, shares these on real time with analysing team and supports them in delivering the interpretations in a real time.

Connected Heart Program is now considered as gold standard for cardiac events recording for patients of all ages and its aggressively priced services place it among top solutions and key revenue earners for General practitioners, Cardiologists and Gynaecologists worldwide.

Connected Heart Program is available in many countries through our program country partners.


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