Caring Hearts

Caring Hearts Program

Caring Heart Program helps leading hospitals to save lives of patients of Acute Myocardial Infarction, commonly known as Heart Attack, the most common cause of deaths worldwide. It is well established by many studies and research that many of such deaths happen due to delay in identification of AMI at remote locations.
Developed by experts from American Heart Center, Topeka, USA, Caring Hearts Program utilizes advanced technology that creates a 24×7 monitored network connecting leading hospitals to small hospitals, Community Health Centers and primary clinics within their reachable proximity and helping them to save more lives by reducing the delay up to 95%.
American Heart Center, actively supports Caring Hearts Program by providing a special training and certification program for workforce of partnering hospitals and medical centers on how to save lives by reducing the delay during golden hour.
Advanced technology powered Caring Hearts Program can be setup for a hospital in maximum one working day by our trained program country partners in many countries.

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