Cardiolive - Remote Cardiology Program

Cardiolive program by Eminent Physicians is helping patients of heart diseases, in remote, rural and underserved locations, to get examined and advised locally through our member small hospitals.

Cardiolive program utilizes an innovative Cardiolive Station, developed by American Heart Center, Topeka USA, which helps remotely located cardiologists to examine the patients precisely with the help of a remote medic.

Cardiolive Program has been appreciated for its proven success in improving  outcomes, increasing  access, reducing delay and reduce overall costs of care for cardiology patients at remote locations in USA.

On the other hand, Cardiolive Program helps small or rural hospitals to provide care for patients who generally have not been visiting them earlier. These being the high ticket value and recurring patients, help the hospitals to increase their revenues and profits many folds.

Eminent Physicians has started making Cardiolive Program available globally with local support through country specific partners.


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