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American Heart Center, Topeka, USA

The American Heart Center, located at 6730 SW, 29th St, Suite B, Topeka, USA, owned by Eminent Physicians,  combines preventive and medical approaches to deliver the highest level of care for disorders and diseases of the heart. Our team of experienced cardiologists provides complete heart care, from diagnosis to post procedure care, and is supported by a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Our cardiologists are among America’s highly experienced experts in treating and managing cardiovascular diseases.

Key Programs at American Heart Center

1.    AHC Global Cardiology Program
AHC’s global cardiology program focuses on helping leading hospitals and medical centers worldwide to provide their patients the American standards of heart care within their facilities.

2.    AHC Remote Cardiology Program

AHC’s advanced telemedicine program focuses on utilizing innovative Cardiolive Stations to reduce hassles of travel, expenses and delay in treatment for cardiology patients living in rural locations, helping them to find AHC Cardiology care assisted with partnering rural hospitals teams.

3.    AHC Global 2ndOpinion Program
AHC’s global 2nd opinion program is helping world population by providing second opinions for patients of complex cardiovascular conditions, in an organized, quick and affordable manner.

4.    AHC Cardiac Electrophysiology
Our cardiac electro-physiologists diagnose and treat arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, and other heart rhythm disorders at our center located in Topeka, Kansas, USA

5.    AHC Cardiac Rehabilitation
AHC’s Cardiac Rehab Program helps patients to recover from the cardiovascular event and prevent future heart problems using expertise of highly experienced cardiologists.

6.    AHC Structural Heart Program

AHC’s combination medical/surgical program provides transcatheter procedures to treat heart valve disease – eliminating the need for open-heart surgery.

7.    AHC Cardiovascular Program for Women

AHC’s  Cardiovascular Program for Women is devoted to identifying early predictors of heart disease in women, in addition to specialized care for pregnant women with heart disease.

8.    AHC Familial Heart Disease Clinic
AHC’s Familial Heart Disease Clinic specializes in cardiovascular genetics, which deals with the treatment, examination, and study of heart conditions caused or affected by a person’s family history.

9.    AHC Heart Failure Program
AHC’s Heart Failure Program offers complete heart failure care, from early prevention strategies to end-stage treatment options.

10.    AHC Onco-Cardiology Program
AHC’s Onco-Cardiology Program provides cardiac care to patients with cancer and manages cardiovascular disease and cardio-toxicities that can result from cancer treatments.

11.    AHC Preventive Cardiology Program
AHC’s Preventive Cardiology Program focuses on the prevention, management, and treatment of risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

12.    AHC Telemedicine Research Program
AHC’s prides itself with front runners for research and development of dedicated connected technology based telemedicine programs aimed to bring a significant change in delivering care for cardiology patients remotely.

To know more about American Heart Center and how associating with American Heart Center can be helpful for your goals, kindly send an email to ibd@eminentphysicians.com.