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About EP Global

About EP Global

Eminent physicians proprietary global working system EP Global works to connect member hospitals, clinics and Government Healthcare agencies to top ranked American physicians to work together for patients of complex medical conditions.

EP global helps to increase efficiency, accuracy and standardization of working for the complex medical conditions while addressing concerns of different currencies, time zones, healthcare cultures and other issues that come up while working in a global environment.

Key features of EP Global working system for Eminent Physician Care Network members are:

  1. Quick to Learn.
  2. Easy to Operate.
  3. Compulsory Training with Certification.
  4. Single Universal Global Protocol.
  5. Quick Registration of patients.
  6. Quick Upload of documents
  7. Integration with HMIS.
  8. Permissions based Approvals for the consult orders.
  9. Time based alerts.
  10. Low requirement of resources
  11. Local Currency Transactions enabled.
  12. Step by Step online guidance.
  13. Step by Step completion of process.
  14. Order Progress monitoring by the hospital.
  15. Hipaa Compliant and Secure.
  16. Multi lingual Support (Upcoming).

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