American Center of Cardiology Excellence

With American Centers of Cardiology Excellence a.k.a. ACCE in 22 American hospitals in small cities and towns in USA, Eminent Physicians provides a unique model of comprehensive cardiac care that significantly focuses on the prevention, treatment and management of heart disease as per American standards.

ACCE on one hand equips the healthcare provider for rapid intervention when an acute cardiac event occurs and provide optimal treatment after the event to promptly restore a patient’s health, on the other hand , it helps small and medium size hospitals to grow their revenue by attending to patients of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to providing the highest level of care, ACCE offers end to end services to upcoming and existing hospitals worldwide to plan, establish and manage cardiac centers as per American standards.

ACCE also supports its member hospitals by providing second opinions and video consultations from top ranked American cardiologists at affordable costs for their patients of complex cardiovascular conditions.

To know more about how an American Center of Cardiology Excellence ACCE , can help your hospital address to needs of cardiovascular patients with the help of technology, skills , experience and expertise of senior American Cardiologists and help to grow your revenue from cardiology many folds by delivering accurate solutions for patients of cardiovascular diseases, the most common non communicable diseases, please visit