Caring Hearts Program

Caring Hearts program, the advanced technology solution for leading hospitals to work in real-time collaboration with small hospitals and medical centers, works to save lives from Ischemic Heart Disease IHD , the most common cause of deaths worldwide.

Complying to guidelines from World Health Organization (WHO ) and American Heart Association (AHA), Caring Hearts program helps hospitals, medical centers and cardiologists to save lives by reducing delay in identification of IHD at remote places, where cardiologists are generally not available, using secure communication protocol based upon advanced technologies.

Caring Hearts Program is a highly useful solution not only for small hospitals and medical centers to save lives , but also for leading hospitals to increase revenue and efficiency of cardiology services by remaining 24 x7 connected to nearly 100 small hospitals and medical centers within neighborhood .

To know more about how advanced technology based Caring Hearts Centers can 24 x 7 connect your hospital to over 100 medical centers in the neighborhood, save lives and increase revenue from cardiology services, please visit