2nd Opinion.com

2ndopinion.com is an innovative program that helps patients of complex medical conditions and their treating doctors to achieve better outcomes by associating skills, experience and expertise of highly experienced doctors into their treatment.
2ndopinion.com prides itself to be the exclusive platform that empanels doctors using EMIRANK process where different aspect of skills, experience and expertise of a doctors are ranked based upon proprietary algorithms.

2ndopion.com , based upon a robust technology utilizes a simple user interface that allows patients to upload their current treatment plans for a second opinion which can be  carefully examined by senior doctors not only from their own countries but also from USA, UK, Germany , and France.

2ndopinion.com is managed by program country partners in 9 countries presently.
To learn more about 2nd Opinion Program and how it can be useful for your healthcare business, please send us at ibd@eminentphysicians.com

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